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How to make some Gumpaste Flowers

Two weeks ago, I made ​​a nice monkey cake with on the top some beautiful flowers. I made these flowers with gumpaste. If you don't have gumpaste and you want to make it yourself, click here for the "How to make gumpaste" tutorial.  You can also make these flowers with fondant, but you have to work faster because fondant is not as elastic as gumpaste. I have also another flower tutorial on my blog. If you want to read that blog click here . I received a lot of emails asking me if I can show how I made the flowers on the monkey cake. In this blog I'm  going to show you how I made these flowers. They are very easy to make. You just need a little bit of patience because it is a process to make them. What do you need: 1 Gumpaste 2 Petal cutter 3 Edible glue 4 Ball tool 5 Rolling pin 6 Veiner 7 Foam pad mat 8 Some cups to let the petals dry on. Steps: 1. Roll your fondant very thin and cut out the petals with your petal cutter. I do them on

Cashew frosting for cashew cake (crema pa bolo di cashew pete)

Cashew cake - Bolo di cashew pete If you come from the Caribbean Island, you must know this cake "Bolo di Cashew pete" Cashew cake. It is a very delicious cake and quite expensive. It is expensive because of the cashew nuts. The cashew nuts are quite expensive which is why some people have a pretty high price tag on this cake. Cashew cake is not difficult to make, but it takes a little bit of time to bake the cake and make the filling. If you love baking, then it will not be a problem for you to make this cake.  And of course if you do not want to bake the cake yourself  you have me. This cake can also be ordered at Browny's Cakes. Ok enough talking J This blog is to teach you how to make the cashew filling for the Cashew cake. You do not need a lot of ingredients to make this cake. Ingredients: 750gr. unsalted and ground cashew nuts 150 gr. sugar 1 tin of condensed milk 500 ml of water Alcohol (For example Amaretto, Bacardi, rum etc ..