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My Minion Cake obsession finally check!

I like these Minions. They are the cutest and funniest cartoon ever. The Minions like to eat something that I also love to eat Banana Ba ba banana" Hahhahahahah!

So for quiet some time I was wondering when I will receive a cake order of a Minion. I was very jealous of all the Minion cake that were posted on the Internet.

And Wednesday I Finally receive a Minion cake order. Actually this customer was very late with her order. She send a message Wednesday asking for a cake on Saturday, Normally I don't do this, because some cakes need preparation. But guess what....... It was a Minion cake, so I couldn't let this one go away.

I already had 5 cakes order for the weekend, so I worked till 3 o'clock in the morning so I can squeeze this one into my schedule. It was my own creation. The customer just said I want a Minion cake so surprise me.... I think she was very surprised and pleased when she saw the cake.

This is a vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla butter cream an…