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Disney Minnie mouse cake

I think a lot of childrens love the disney cartoons. Yes I had another Minnie mouse cake challenge. I think I can master on the Minnie mouse cake.

This time I made a Minnie mouse cake by using 3 rounds cakes. One cake pan of 10 inch and another cake pan of 8 inch. So I bake 1 round cake in the 10 inch cake pan and bake 2 cakes in the 8 inch cake pan.

Before I filled and make the Minnie mouse form I made the cake board to put the cake on it. I cut the cake board and glued a nice red ribbon with white hearts on the side of the cake boards.

This cake was a chocolate sponge cake filled with oreo cookies, chocolate buttercream and chocolate mouse. So a very tasteful chocolate cake party :-)

So the first step filling the chocolate sponge cake with oreo cookies. I just chopped the cookies a little bit and then put them on the chocolate buttercream.

The second layer for this cake is filled with chocolate mouse. I can ensure you this cake is a chocolate delicious party.

After filling all the …