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Pancakes tower recipe

It's sunday and it is a good day to bake some pancakes for breakfast. I just made some delicious pancakes and filled them with greek yogurt.  I want to share the recipe with you. After all pancakes is kind of a cake (LOL)

With this recipe you can make 5 big pancakes. Believe me when you finished with the second one you don't have place for a third one.


400 gr flour4 teaspoon of baking powder400 ml milk2 eggs100 gr  melted butterpinch of salt
Put the flour and the baking powder in a big bowl and mix well with a spoon,Add the milk  and keep stirring so you won't get lumps in your batterAdd the melted butter and eggs into the bowl and stir till you get a smooth batter
You pancake batter is ready. I use butter to bake my pancakes. It's just taste different then when you bake them with oil. 
For the filling: 250 ml greek yogurtbowl of strawberries2 tablespoon of sugar
Wash and cut your strawberries in half,In a bowl mix the greek yogurt wit…

Minnie mouse Cake topper Tutorial

Last weekend I post 2 Youtube videos on how to make the Minnie mouse cake topper on the picture above. 
Like 3 weeks ago I made a Minnie mouse cake with a Minnie mouse head as cake top. See the picture below.

I received so many questions about this Minnie mouse cake topper, that I decided to make a how to about it. 
This how to is devided in 2 videos. It’s very easy to make this Minnie Mouse cake topper you only need patience.

Because this week is Valentine week I put some hearts on the bow. You can use this Minnie mouse cake topper for a cake for your Valentine........
I hope you enjoy and learn something with this new tutorial! If you have a question after watching these videos don’t hesitate to send me a messag. I will get ASAP back to you.
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