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Browny's Cakes new Tutorial: How to decorate Cookies with Fondant!

Hi Brownysss,

This is my New tutorial about how to decorate cookies with fondant. I hope you Brownysssssss like it.

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How to decorate Cookies with fondant

Who does not love cookie ..... .. Uhm , I think almost everyone loves  cookies. I'm going to show you step by step in this blog, how you can decorate these cookies yourself. In another blog I will post the recipe for these cookies. If you don't want to make these cookies from scratch you can also buy a Cookie mix on Browny's Cakes webshop.

What do you need: Homemade cookies,Edible glue,Different color of fondant,Glitter,Plastic bags,Sugar decorations,Confectioner sugar,Ribbons.

Tools: Ruler,Brush,Rolling pin,Cookie cutter of your choice,Modelling tools,Smoother,Silicone mat,Towel.

Preparation: Use your rolling pin and roll your fondant out on your silicone mat,

Press your cookie cutter into the fondant to get only the cup form. Do the same for the swirl of the cookie but used another color of fondant, If your fondant is sticking on your cookie cutter, dust a little bit of confectioner sugar on the edges,
Put a little bit of glue on your cookie and paste the cup and swirl fondan…