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Tutorial of an Elephant made of fondant

A few weeks ago I made an elephant of fondant and so many people found the elephant so cute, so I decided to make a tutorial of this elephant.
I will do my best to explain all the steps. I also made a lot of pictures when I was making this elephant. This means that you can  read and also see the steps by steps of the making of this elephant.

To make the grey colour of the elephant I mix black and white fondant together. If you want a darker grey colour you can used more black than white fondant. If you want the grey colour that I made for this elephant only used a little piece of black fondant. Begin with a little piece of black fondant and keep ading black till you get the grey colour that you desire.

To help the fondant to dry faster you can add tylose powder. This makes the fondant a little bit elastic and easy to work with.

After applying the tylose powder to the fondant take a piece of fondant and shape it into a cone form.

With the palm of your hand you can shaped the belly of t…

Wilton Course 1: Decorating basic certificate

Hello Brownysssssss,

I finished my Wilton course 1 and I'm very happy with  my first Wilton certificate. The certificate has a wonderfull place in Browny's Cakes kitchen.

Like I told you all in one of my previous blog, I already got decorating skills, but by following the Wilton course you can learn some unique decorating technique.

The Wilton courses are a little bit expensive but they worth every penny. I'm preparing for the next course.
In the course 2 you can learn more about making beautifull flowers using icing. This course is more intensive and I'm looking forward to do it.

What I learn in course 1:

How to make buttercream icing using only crisco,How to make leaf with icing,How to write on a cake using icing,Some new cake borders,How to make the Shagy mum flower,How to make the pompom flower,How to make the wilton flower,How to fill and iced a cake the Wilton way.

If there is something you want to know about decoarting, icing or baking please send me a mail and …

Wilton course 1 Day 3: Pompom Flower & Shagy Mum flower

Hi  Brownyssss,

I'm one step away to get my certificate for Wilton Course 1. For today lesson we had to bake 4 cupcakes, and make buttercream at home and bring it to the class for filling and decoration.

As you can see on the picture we practice today on making some flowers. We also practice some new decoration technique on a Wilton board.

Tip: When you want to couloring you buttercream don't used the liquid colours but used  wilton colour paste. You only need a little bit of this colour paste. When you used liquid colours you buttercream will become very liquidy.

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Wilton Cake Course 1

Hi Brownyssssssss,
Since last week I start a Wilton course for decorating cakes. I know alot about decorating cakes but Wilton has some technique that only at a Wilton Course you can learn those technique. So for more decorating knowledge I subscribe to a Wilton course. These courses are giving by certified Wilton teachers all over the world. I'm living in holland so I'm following my course in Holland in dutch but the books are in english. 

At the end of these courses your teacher will evaluate if you did everything as teached and if so you received a Wilton certificate. Is not so easy because at the end of every course you get HOMEWORK! Yes homework it can be anything from baking cupcakes, cakes or making buttercream for the next class. 
Yesterday we had to bring a cake and also buttercream (both we had to make at home) All the student had to fill, covered and decorate the cake with buttercream. 
And this is the cake we had to copy:

These technique I already know (offcourse)…

Cups quantities versus ML/ GR quantities

Nowadays we hear often about cup quantities instead of GR or ML quantities. Cup quantities is often used in America and England. The cup quantities is used for dry and liquid ingredients.You can buy if you want a measuring cup especially for cups quantities. Browny's Cakes is using the measuring cup of Wilton (recommended). This wilton measuring cup is also obtainable on Browny's Cakes webshop.

For the people who want to keep using their GR and ML measuring cup, I made a table: cups versus ml / gram quantities. With this table you can keep using your ML/GR measuring cups and still having the same quantities used in recipe with cups measurement.

Dry ingredients: 1 cup                                         225ml ¾ cup                                        177ml 2/3cup                                       158ml ½ cup                                        118ml 1/3cup                                         79ml 1/4cup                                         59ml

Liquid ingredients: 1…